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Congrats Sam and Amanda – San Jose Wedding Photography

It’s been awhile since I posted here but hopefully will catch up and post some recent wedding images and slideshows soon :) Here is a quick glimpse into Sam and Amanda’s big day!

— Mark
Fine art wedding photography

Who am I and what am I passionate about?

Since we get so many new visitors to the site now I wanted to share some quick information about myself and what drives Stagi Imagery along with a little video that I did awhile.

Passion is what its all about for us. True passion and love for photography drives me each and every day (and a few Mocha’s along the way). Photography has been a love of mine since childhood and I shoot not only to provide my clients with the most awesome images they could ever image but to also fuel my creativity and need to capture compelling images. When I was a kid I took a photography class and was mesmerized by the ability the camera had to capture a moment that would freeze time. One split second moment could capture the essence of a person and it intrigued me so much I knew I had to pursue this further.

I am a very passionate person about everything in life not just photography. From my family to all things tech (don’t get me started on my love for Apple products) I believe in living your life with purpose and passion.

What type of style is your work? This is one of the most common question I get from brides and grooms and it’s always a great conversation. “What’s your style”. For me that is really a difficult question to answer with one word. Am I an artistic photographer? In a way yes, but not fully. Am I a photojournalist? In a way yes, but not 100%. There really isn’t a catch phrase or key word that can describe an artist and what you do. Maybe that is the best answer I am an artist with many different experiences and passions that all shape my “style” of photography or my Art. I do really believe that any artist is shaped by their life and that their artwork is always growing and evolving. Normally when I get that question asked to me I like to give people a short view into my life so far, I think its really important for people to know who your photographer really is, not just their credentials. My degree in art and studying photojournalism did help shape my photography but really not as much as certain personal experiences have had. The way I interact with my clients and work with people at a wedding is from years of always learning.

One phrase that I love that really fits my style of shooting is “La Dolce Vita”. In Italian this means “The Sweet Life”. For me it means to enjoy life to the fullest, to give lots of hugs and kisses to your loved ones, to cherish the moment. Our work is all about embracing “The Sweet Life” and capturing moments that will tell the story of your life for generations to come

If you want to be inspired then come on in and lets chat.

— Mark

Intro to Stagi Imagery from mark stagi on Vimeo.

Wedding Highlights

Yesterday was iPad day with the release of the brand new iPad. The retina display is just remarkable and I had to create a new slideshow to see how my portfolio can look on this amazing display. I have to say I am pretty pleased with how great the images look on this display compared to the iPad 2. I won’t go into any long tangents on the iPad, if do you want to see some sample images to compare the iPad 2 and the new iPad check out this article I wrote over here: The New iPad Camera vs. iPad 2 Camera. But getting back on point I put a little mix together with some of my favorite moments from the last few years. I always get to enjoy so many amazing weddings so sit back and enjoy a few great wedding moments :)

If you are looking for a fine art wedding photographer for 2012 let us know!

Reel Life the Fusion of Photo and Video

Last year we started a brand new type of coverage to add to our Fine Art Wedding Photography that I have been calling “reel life”. This is a really cool blend of HD video, still photography, audio and music into a cool multimedia movie. It can add so much more depth to a wedding to include a few snippets of video and audio to bring back the memories of the day. Here is a quick preview of Ryan and Jeanette’s day at Leal vineyards from last year. There are some more that we are finishing up and will showcase very soon so stay tuned!

Leal Vineyards Reel Life wedding coverage from mark stagi on Vimeo.

— Mark
Fine Art Wedding and Portrait Photography

2011 Wedding Highlights

Another year and some great weddings that we were able to capture. It’s always so amazing to be able to use my creative gift at weddings and if so fulfilling to the artistic side of me, weddings really are my favorite thing to photograph and after 13 years I still get so much joy out of every single wedding that I am able to capture. Here is just a small sneak peek at some of our weddings in 2011! Look for some more highlights coming soon :)

Also if you are getting married in 2012 and are still looking for an artistic, creative photographer let me know we do still have some available dates for the year.

If you are looking for a fine art wedding photographer for 2012 let us know!

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