Los Gatos Engagement Session

I love photographing engagement sessions, its always a really fun and natural shoot where we have time to run around and capture images without the hustle and bustle that you get on the wedding day. This engagement shoot for John and Janice was so much fun down in downtown Los Gatos. We found some really cool backdrops and they are just a fun couple to be around. Check out a few of the highlights of the shoot here :)

— Mark

The cutest kids

The other day I was spending a few minutes relaxing on the couch and decided to just let a slideshow play on the tv from some recent photos. It can pull up all images from my personal folder from the last 12 months and I was curious what photos were even on there. Sometimes I feel like I don’t take enough photos of my kids, I am always so busy with other photo sessions it feels like I don’t take many of them. After looking through these thousands of images I realized I do thankfully take lots of photos of them and was just amazed at how fast they really grow up. When I view some of my personal photos it always makes me realize how important photography really is. Even if you aren’t an art lover like me, great photography which really captures the essence of someone at that point in their life can be so priceless to reflect back on. As I was watching our 2 little ones grow up again right in front of me on the screen it brings back so many wonderful memories and really motivated me to shoot even more of them over the next year. My little baby girl is still a baby in daddys eyes but also starting to grow up.

I am so thankful to have 2 healthy babies, their smiles just light me up on a daily basis and it is truly a gift to have them.

A few quick shots of her from Easter that I just loved :)

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San Francisco Engagement Shoots

As wedding season is now starting to kick in and the weather is getting nice its the perfect time to setup Engagement sessions or just a fun portrait session. Even if you are already married and just never had some great images created for you we are happy to setup a custom lifestyle portrait shoot for you. Here is a engagement session that we shot near the end of last year up in San Francisco. There are so many awesome places to photograph around the city and with this clients uniform and vintage style dress it was the perfect backdrop for them. Check out the slideshow below:

Vintage San Francisco Presedio Engagement Shoot from mark stagi on Vimeo.

— Mark
Bay Area Wedding and portrait photography

Cute Lifestyle Portrait Session – San Jose Portraits

we posted a few images from a cute portrait session last week and have the full slideshow ready. Check out some super cute images of the awesome Pak family!

San Jose Family Portraits

One of the things that I love after the wedding is being able to watch a family grow. It’s pretty awesome to be there for some of the major events in peoples lives after they get married. I love to get a call a few years (or sometimes 10 months) after the wedding that a couple of mine is expecting. It’s always a privilege to be able to photograph newborns and kids as they grow up. Kids grow so fast and as I watch my own grow up and see their personality change every month it gives me new perspectives on capturing family portraits that really capture this time in a families life. I have photographed some fun portrait sessions recently so will be sharing some images and a few videos over the next few days.

First a few quick shots of this little cutie Towsend!

— Mark
San Jose Family Portraits

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