My new book is available, learning Pixelmator!

I am super excited to announce the release of my Learning Pixelmator book! Pixelmator is a great app for the Mac (sorry all PC’s) that gives you some pretty robust functionality similar to Photoshop but at a fraction of the price. It has a very clean design, performance is great and it’s really a must have app if you need something to edit your photos.

Learning Pixelmator is great for photographers of any level who are looking to learn to take advantage of Pixelmator to edit images. Without any prior knowledge of image editing software needed, we will start with the basics and move onto more advanced image editing techniques. No matter what your current artistic level is, this book will give you the power to unleash the artist within!

You can get the book now at Amazon here:

A few quick highlights on what you will learn from this book

  • Get to grips with using Pixelmator to edit your photos.
  • Adjust colors and learn the benefits of dodging and burning your photos.
  • Use the blur and sharpen tools to create visual interest.
  • Use selections in Pixelmator.
  • Work with layers and create multi- image collages.
  • Master effects in Pixelmator.
  • Use text and shapes to embellish your photos.
  • Colorize photos for a vintage look.
  • I am very excited to see this book launch! My little baby that i’ve been working on hard for the past year is finally here and I hope that this is a great resource for many of you. You can check our more information online here: Learning Pixelmator Book

    Learn Pixelmator Book

    Get the book now at Amazon here:

    Another year has flown by!

    I can’t believe that another year has just flown by. Sitting around the living room on Christmas day and watching the kids open their presents I really couldn’t believe that the year is almost done. It’s been a crazy busy year and now a few weeks of slowness so we can catch up on all of our albums and post production work. Once of my resolutions coming up in the new year will be to blog a little more regularly again. I hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas and is getting ready for a good New Years! We wish you all the best and Thanks to all of our great clients in 2011 for allowing us to capture your special weddings and portraits! I am always grateful and feel blessed to be allowed into your lives.

    — Mark

    Happy Mothers Day

    To all of the moms out there I want to wish you all a very happy mothers day. I am so very grateful today to my wonderful wife who is not only a great mom to our 2 kids but a huge help to me. I know it was a huge change for her to go from bring career orientated for many years to a stay at home mom of 2 all within a short amount of time, but she does a great job nurturing our 2 little ones and setting a great example for them. Aside from being a kick butt mom she helps out my photography business more than most of you know. Always willing to take on new things and grow she sets all of my appointments, does a lot of our office work, learned how to color correct and do some of the post production, the list just goes on and on. Lisa, you are a great wife and mom, I do love you.

    For every mom out there I hope that you have a amazing day today!

    — Mark
    Bay Area Wedding Photography

    A few personal shots

    I know I have been slacking a lot with posting some personal photos. I used to try to keep up on the blog with some milestone moments for me or my kids but lately have been totally slacking in keeping you all updated. I do tons of little mini shoots of the kids and try to capture all of the different stages they go though. Its normally just a quick 20 minute shoot here and there and them in their natural environment. The hard part is since they aren’t pressing and I always have so many other shoots to process that are on deadlines I push these to the side and kind of forget about them for awhile. Recently though I have been playing catch up on these so will be finally updating the blog with some things I have been up to lately and our 2 adorable kids. It’s only been 2 1/2 years since our first was born and I can’t believe how blessed I feel every day to have 2 amazing kids in my life now. It’s a tip to even imagine what life was like before them they really do bring a lot of joy to your life.

    Here is a few quick images of them the other day. They are growing so fast and are starting to develop such personalities its awesome to watch.

    — Mark
    Bay Area Wedding and Portrait Photography

    Awards Hero: Oscars Edition iPhone app

    Ok, I know it’s not photography related but still relevant. And since I know so many of you are movie buffs out there and getting ready for the red carpet event this sunday with the Oscars I wanted to let you all know of an awesome app out there for the Oscars. I did help to create this so have to say am a little biased but it truly is an awesome app out there with some very cool features and beautiful design and layout. So if you are a movie fan and love the Oscars check out Awards Hero: Oscars Edition. And to make it even sweeter there is a Sweepstakes for a change to win up to $10,000. Just download the app and click the giveaway button.

    Awards Hero: Oscars® Edition has just been updated for the 2011 Academy Awards®. This comprehensive iPhone app takes a look at the 2011 Academy Awards ® nominees and lets users vote on their pick to win. You can also quickly create an Oscars® Pool and compete with your friends. With a beautiful interface and easy to use navigation this app is perfect for all movie lovers. Check out a little more about the app below.

    Do you have what it takes to be the Academy Awards® hero? Think you can guess all the correct winners from the 2011 Academy Awards®? Awards Hero: Oscars Edition is the ultimate Academy Award app! View all of the 2011 Academy Award® nominees and vote for your pick to win. Share you votes with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and create a Oscar Pool to see who can pick the most winners. You can even view beautiful full screen trailers for the 2011 movie nominees and film info, all built right into the app.

    Some other useful features in Awards Hero: Oscars Edition:

    • Deepen your movie knowledge with our database of every past nominee and winner with our full list from the inaugural year in 1929 up to today.
    • Live news feed to give you daily movie news. Don’t miss any entertainment news as we lead up to the Oscars.
    • View trailers for movies all within the app.
    • Share your picks on Facebook.

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