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— Mark

Thirst Relief International

Todays post is not going to be a photo but something much, much more important than that. Thirst Relief International is an organization setup by a few photographers to help bring clean water to the world and save lives.
I heard about them when they first started up I believe 3 or 4 years ago and have tried to give in any way that I can to help out. Its a great cause and an awesome example of passionate people who are looking beyond their business and industry and using their passion also for the greater good of humanity. Check out their annual mentor auction below, you can bid on me or some other great photographers and remember it all goes to help save lives by providing clean drinking water.

Get mentored by mark

in the 2011 ThirstRelief Mentor Auction!

Grow as a photographer while saving lives!

I’m participating in the 2011 ThirstRelief Mentor Auction. Our mission is to save lives by tapping into the incredible talent and generosity of the photo industry.

Did you know that every 15 seconds someone dies of a waterborne illness? That’s 5760 people every day! You can help. Bid on a mentoring session with your favorite photographer!

100% of the proceeds directly benefit Thirst Relief. Add to that the incredible wisdom and talent that is being shared in the one-on-one mentor sessions and you have better and more
successful photographers! It’s truly a win win for everyone involved!

About me and my mentor auction

Here is a little bit more about my studio:

Passion is what its all about for us. True passion and love for photography drive our team every day (and a few Mocha’s along the way). Photography has been a love of ours since childhood and we shoot not only to provide our clients with the most awesome images they could ever image but to also fuel our creativity and need to capture compelling images.

We have been capturing weddings in the Bay Area for over 11 years. It all started with a passion by Award Winning wedding photographer Mark Stagi to create fresh, fun wedding images that reflect each brides unique day.

Mark has a degree in Fine Art along with a minor in photojournalism. This has given him a unique look into weddings, from focusing on capturing the emotion of the day along with getting creative with off camera lighting setups.

Our mentor session will focus on finding your style and being true to that. We believe that the best long term way to run your business is to be true to your self and let your passion drive everything you create. We wear our passion for our work and our life with our clients and truly give them an experience they won’t forget.

My mentor session will take place at WPPI 2011 (Las Vegas).

Also included with my auction:

I’ll also include one of our full day wedding photography workshops. Check our more info at

To bid on my auction, visit!

Its a new year and a new look

It’s a brand new year and we are excited to roll out part of our new look for 2011! Our photography style has always encompassed a few things, Art and Passion. We are very passionate about what we do and I have always felt that what sets our work apart is the joy and love you see in the final images. Our logo was created 12 years ago by my wife in a little apartment in San Jose where I started my business. The first thing she drew right away when sitting down at my computer was a heart. It looked cool but I had her try many more variations and we kept going back to that first drawing which has stuck with us since then. It’s always been an important symbol for me since it shows what my photography is all about, Heart. When I photograph a session I put all of my heart into it and also connect with my couples. At a wedding I laugh, cry, jump for joy and am filled with all of the same emotions you are. With that love and joy I capture artistic images that capture the essence of your day and really tell a story about your unique day. This year we are starting to rebrand everything to really fit with our vision and show the fun, joy and more colorful side of who we are as artists. Although I did like our clean and classic old look of the blog and website it will all be refreshed with this new style that really captures the fun and joy that we are all about.

I wish you all the best in 2011, and remember we love to hear your comments so please drop us a line below.

— Mark

Fine Art Wedding Photography Blog

Fine art wedding photography blog

Happy New Year 2010

To everyone who has followed my work for over the years, thank you and a Happy New Year to you all! I can’t believe 2010 is coming to an end. It started so crazy with the birth of our son and I really can’t believe how fast this year really went. I was able to capture so many great memories for our wonderful clients and create some really cool art. As I continue to always evolve as an artist I look back at some of the work created this year and am Thankful to all of you for giving me the opportunity to capture some of the most important moments in your life. I have lots of photos from the end of the year to share and starting on Monday going to post a new image every day for everyone, so check back daily to watch some of the highlights from the end of this year!

Happy New Years Everyone!

— Mark

Me and lil Isaiah

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