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Here is a quick intro from Mark along with some typical questions we get from our Brides:

Intro to Stagi Imagery from mark stagi on Vimeo.

How long have you been doing weddings?

Stagi Imagery got its beginnings in 1997 by showcasing a Fine Art photography Italian series in galleries throughout California. Shortly after Mark shot his first wedding in 1999, and fell in love with weddings right away … the rest is history. In 2005 Stagi Imagery expanded the business to custom Lifestyle portraiture and destination weddings and expanded their photography team. In 2007 Mark started teaching workshops and classes on photography to help education those starting out in the wedding field and continues to teach and share his passion around the country. And in they 2009 developed the reel life photography experience a true multimedia photography/video/audio presentation as a new way to relive your memories.

Is wedding photography your full time job?

This question is very important, because a part time photographer will not have the experience and skill set as someone who has logged in thousands of hours working on their art/skill. Rest assured that we are a full time/full service wedding photography studio. The real difference here is that you will be employing a true artist/photographer that has experience and passion to create wedding photography that you will love and cherish time and time again.

What is your pricing?

We do custom pricing for all of our clients. Depending what you need we will tailor a special package just for you, so that your not paying for anything you don’t need. Our in studio consultations are always stress free and we don’t use high pressure sales tactics. We want to sit down and share our passion and love for photography and make sure to make the entire process of photography crystal clear. Our clients always comment on how they appreciate the experience and education that they receive with us. Give us a call at 408-323-8727 or click the Contact us page under the links menu above and we will be happy to setup a time to meet with you. (our pricing for weddings starts at $2800)

What is your style?

Some insights from Mark
“This is one of the most common question I get from brides and grooms. “What’s your style”. For me that is really a difficult question to answer with one word. Am I an artistic photographer? In a way yes, but not fully. Am I a photojournalist? In a way yes, but not 100%. There really isn’t a catch phrase or key word that can describe an artist and what you do. Maybe that is the best answer I am an artist with many different experiences and passions that all shape my “style” of photography or my Art. I do really believe that any artist is shaped by their life and that their artwork is always growing and evolving. Normally when I get that question asked to me I like to give people a short view into my life so far, I think its really important for people to know who your photographer really is, not just their credentials. My degree in art and studying photojournalism did help shape my photography but really not as much as certain personal experiences have had. The way I interact with my clients and work with people at a wedding is from years of always learning (and I am still just getting started, many many more years to come).

One phrase that I love that really fits my style of shooting is “La Dolce Vita”. In Italian this means “The Sweet Life”. For me it means to enjoy life to the fullest, to give lots of hugs and kisses to your loved ones, to cherish the moment. Our work is all about embracing “The Sweet Life” and capturing moments that will tell the story of your life for generations to come” — Mark

Why should we choose you?

Aside from the rave reviews our clients give us we have also won the acclaim from our peers. We have won numerous awards over the years including awards from: WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International a group of over 15,000 photographers), PPSCV (Professional Photographers of Santa Clara Valley), Zookbinders album company just to name a few. We love weddings and know that after meeting with us and hearing about our strong passion for our work the answer will be clear.

Our clients are true lovers of photography and the art of photography. They understand the there is a difference between great photography and average photography. They Expect the highest level of professionalism and care. They want heirloom products like custom albums or even DVD’s and slideshows that will be available for generations to remember their day. Simply put they want the best.

We invite you to experience the difference for yourself, call us at 408-323-8727 to setup a consultation.

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