5 amazing proposal videos

5 Amazing Proposal Videos

People put videos of just about everything on the Internet these days, and while most of it is for entertainment purposes, some of it can be helpful as well. For example, it is now somewhat common for people to put personal things like proposal videos online, and if you are looking for a creative way to pop the question you might want to study some of these! Here are five great examples of fun engagement videos online, as noted by stylist.co.uk:

  1. Disneyland – Proposing in a meaningful location is always nice, and in this couple’s case Disneyland was the perfect option, as it was where they met. However, the proposal involved a lot more than simply the location. This young man puts on quite a show as he stages a fun and romantic performance on Disneyland’s Main Street, all with the help of park performers.
  2. 6 Years In The Making – This young couple had a confident but adorable plan to travel the world together while spelling out the message “we always knew” by holding up letters in pictures. The project spanned six years, but its final step was more than the young woman could have anticipated, as the final “w” turns into a proposal she doesn’t see coming.
  3. Metro Station, “Shake It” – Another boyfriend with a taste for theatrics, this man involves what seems like half of a city in his proposal. Set to Metro Station’s popular song “Shake It,” this elaborate song and dance makes for a very exciting proposal, as well as a fantastic video.
  4. Weather Report – This proposal has actually been duplicated since the original, but it’s still a great one to watch if you’re looking for creative engagements. Basically, an unsuspecting weather girl’s boyfriend surprises her on live TV by sabotaging her weather report with a proposal. She seems to appreciate it.
  5. Bruno Mars, “Marry You” – Arguably the most elaborate proposal ever filmed, at least to anyone’s knowledge, this incredible performance involves a lip-synced version of the Bruno Mars song “Marry You.” The bride-to-be is treated to a real life music video with friends and family dancing through the streets, all leading up to a very romantic proposal.

As these incredible filmed proposals demonstrate, we are living in a time that allows an amazing amount of creativity with regard to celebrations and major events. People are doing all kinds of new, fun things for proposals these days, whether it means customizing their own engagement rings at http://www.77diamonds.com/engagement-rings.htm, planning and filming elaborate engagement videos like the ones described above, or frankly whatever else anyone can think of. With this in mind, if you are planning your own proposal or wedding, don’t be afraid to try something non-traditional. You might have an incredible idea on your hands!

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